I’m a part-time Californian, part-time New Yorker living in São Paulo, eating a lot of food, making a lot of friends, exploring jungles (concrete and Amazonian), learning Portuguese, and writing about all of it.

I love food.

I hate birds.

And I’m about to be your gringa favorita.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi, Dear Author. I was looking for “push men” images on Japanese subway and trombei com o seu blog (found it by accident). Really appreciate it so far as your articles implied a lot of fun you are having and the mesmerism your experiences has caused on you! Very positive.
    Btw, I’m a Brazilian, born and raised in Sao Paulo and could hardly retain a loud laugh when read your article about SP metro. Currently living in NYC, it was clear to me what your feelings were about as I’ve experienced it in the opposite.
    Well, I’m contacting you as I’ve recommended your Blog to some foreign friends I’ve made here in Manhattan, but I couldn’t identify yourself as there is not so much details about your. Hey, don’t freak out! (you probably have heard about safety issues down there and how reserved you should be about sharing personnel details). I just want to ask you to make public in your profile what’s you nationality and purpose to be there. Of course, if you feel comfortable in doing so.
    Anyway, here is the first contact. You can find me on Facebook as Roberto De Paiva or even in twitter as Minusfour.
    Hope you can share good tips about Big Apple.
    Ate Mais!

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